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Being financially free is about much more than money. It's about getting your time back!

Adventure Vehicle

Become ELITE

Add fuel to your path to freedom  

Time is the most important asset we have. With it, we have the opportunity to change everything about our lives.

Without it we lack the ability to live our lives to the fullest.

Zero to 100 Elite Membership 

What does the membership include?

  • ​Access to Weekly Accountability Pod

  • Opportunity to Lead and Build Your Brand

  • Access to Weekly Marathon Mastermind Call 

  • Access to Elite Mastermind Groups

  • Access to Elite Feed 

Bonus Material Included 

Elite Criteria

Who's it for?

Elite membership is designed for investors who already have momentum, but desire to break through to the next level. 

Investors with 2+ rental units 

Investors who are committed to growth

Investors who are ready for a challenge! 

Matt Garmon, AL


Arete Properties 

Real Estate Investor

"I can’t say enough good things about the Zero to 100 Elite program. Travis and Mitchell are the real deal. They care about Elite members and pour back into the Elite program with the same knowledge and framework they used to scale their real estate portfolio to hundreds of units. The Zero to 100 Elite mastermind has had a huge impact on me and my real estate investment business. The program’s..."

Elite Membership in detail

The Membership is built on 4 main concepts:  


1. Accountability

2. Leadership 

3. Network 

4. Growth 






The Accountability POD: As a part of the membership, Elite members are placed into accountability pods. These pods include 4-5 members and are designed to both hold members accountable for weekly progress, as well as to build valuable relationships. 


Within accountability, members focus primarily on the five main pillars of growing a lifestyle investment company.


These include the following: 







By focusing on each of these weekly, investors are able to begin taking small and consistent actions within each pillar. 


Consistency = Tangible Progress Toward Freedom! 

A path up, not just out.


We focus on building our Elites to both be well educated in real estate, as well as to be leaders within their respective asset classes. This has a twofold benefit for each Elite who dedicates themselves to leadership.

When you teach, you master!

Those who teach others, accelerate their knowledge and their ability to communicate within the industry. This has a lasting effect on your communication with investors, bankers, brokers, stakeholders, etc. 

When you teach, you attract!

Thought leaders attract capital, deals, partnerships, etc. The more people who know you and look to you for guidance and information, the more you attract awesome people into your world. 


It has been said that your "network is your net worth". By surrounding yourself with amazing people who share your same goals, members are able to build and valuable strong connections with other Elites. This serves as a resource for support, collaboration, motivation, strategy, accountability, and more! The idea is, when everybody is rowing together, in the same direction, we can all move much much faster! By encouraging and purposefully building a membership based on an abundance mindset, members are encouraged to be open and honest with one another - to include sharing everything! What works and what doesn’t! 


This goes without saying, but we expect Elite Members to grow! We expect members to grow their knowledge, mindset, cash flow, unit count, etc. Because Elites are also leaders, this is an absolute requirement! We don’t just want learners, we want people who take action! 

Live Mastermind Call - Over 100 Hours

To help build connections, as well as provide education, deal analysis, provide support, answer questions, etc, we hold a 3 hour marathon mastermind each and every week. That's right! That's 3 hours of diving in deep each and every week! These are calls are where all Elites can take the opportunity to bring questions, deals and challenges and get support from the Elite Tribe. Keep in mind, these are not required to attend, but we highly encourage it. Each of these calls will also be recorded and available to Elite members. 

Elite Feed

All Elite members get access to the Elite feed, which is an invite only (hidden) group within the Zero to 100 platform. Here members can bring questions, add value and/or chat throughout the week. 

Office Meeting
Zero to 100 has been the holy grail for my experience. I came in as a residential broker with not a clue how I was going to get started. The amount of knowledge that is provided at every meet up in addition to the regular posts on the platform that are full of education. The weekly meetings come with different topics and guest speakers followed by discussion and the ability to ask questions. Resource suggestions such as books, podcasts, etc I was able to dive into and absorb during the week before the next call. All of this was embedded so quickly I gained the confidence to quit my brokerage and jump into investing full time after only a few months of joining the tribe. While my original plan was to stay a realtor for at least another two years, being in the Elite group expedited that process faster than I thought was possible.

Mekayla Ackerman

Ackerman Investments LLC

Elite Members also receive 

Lifetime access to 

ZAPETY (10).png

This includes 9 modules of video content, accompanied by quizzes and supporting resources.


Residential Apartment Building


In this module, we’ll introduce our unique methodology, our approach and our strategies for retirement and financial freedom.

Reading the Quran


Here we’ll discuss one of the most important concepts in your investing career. Your mindset! We’ll dive into common myths, misconceptions, and false beliefs, and begin wiring your brain for scale. 

Apartment Balconies


Here we will discuss common terminology, concepts and formulas in investment real estate. You will begin learning the language and building a base for more complex concepts in real estate. 

House Construction


In this module we will introduce various asset classes and discuss the pros and cons of each. This module will help you define your niche and understand which area you will focus on to achieve R1. 

Work Desk


This module is all about how to find, evaluate and negotiate cash flow real estate deals. It’s here you’ll begin to gain the superpower of finding value others might fail to see. 

Business Meeting


Here we’ll discuss how to attract investors - so you can use other people’s money to accelerate your portfolio. Plus, how to become a thought leader, nurture potential investors and more. 

Signing a Contract


This module is all about taking the property from literally contract to close. We’ll dive into the steps from the purchase and sales contract, to due diligence, pre close and post closing.

Apartment Complex


Within this module, we’ll discuss how to properly operate properties, as well as your investment company. Think of this module of asset and business optimization. 

Reach the Top


Finally within the last module, we’ll talk about the next steps you should take to ensure long-term success. 




Elites get early and exclusive access to book releases, networking opportunities, Zero to 100 physical Masterminds and Events. This includes all hand masterminds, as well as small more intimate masterminds throughout the year.



ELITE Digital Shared Drive

As a bonus Elite members get access to the Elite folder. This is a shared drive and includes items such as meetup lessons, pro-forma analysis tools, operational checklists, and more! Note, as we identify new needs among Elites, we will continually populate this folder with new assets. 

Risk Free


Here's the truth. We value our reputation way way more than money! So if you're not happy or feel you're not getting the value we promised, just let us know! We will refund your money without any trouble at all. How can we offer this guarantee? Because we believe so strongly in the membership!

*Please keep in mind, we can only take a limited number of Memberships, as Elites only represent a small % of the overall tribe. We are also very selective in who we accept in an effort to maintain the high value of the network. 


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