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Why 100 Units?

Updated: May 17, 2022

Why 100 units? Is that the magic number to freedom?

Not necessarily. It’s a nice round number, and if those 100 units were purchased correctly, it can provide most people, with average monthly expenses, financial freedom for life. What’s financial freedom? It’s the day all your monthly expenses are covered by passive income. What’s passive income? Some call it “horizontal” income (as opposed to vertical income, which you earn by trading hours). Some call it mailbox money. Regardless of the term you use, it means you trade very few to zero hours monthly to earn it. We’ll repeat that. You trade little to no hours to earn it every month. That’s the magical income. So obviously everybody’s situation is different. Some people, with lower expenses, could reach it with 50 units. Others, with much higher monthly expenses might need 200 units. It could be 100 single family houses or one 100-unit apartment building or mobile home park. Or perhaps it’s a very profitable 30-room boutique, unique experience hotel managed by others.

Once you reach this beautiful passive income / expense equilibrium, your life will change dramatically. Again, we call it “Retirement #1” or “R1”. Once you reach R1, the fun really begins.

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