Zero to 100 Accelerator Program 

Accelerate Your Journey From 
Zero to 100+ Cash Flow Units!

Being financially free is about much more than money. It's about getting your time back!

Time for Family, Travel, Health, Charity, etc! 

The Path to Scale

"The phone rang and he answered. Hello. Hey Mike, thanks for taking our call. As you know, we have gone into contract on a 51 unit mobile home park. I think the deal has legs. 



The Elite Program

10 copies of Zero to 100 book 

Zero to 100 Course 

Zero to 100 Toolkit

Software Recommendations and Video Guidance

Zero to 100 Elite Mastermind to include: 

Weekly accountability calls 

        5 Main Areas - Mindset, Education, Deals, Investors, Operations 

Leadership opportunities 

        Physical Meetups, Platform Groups

Opportunities to invest and partner

Opportunities to raise capital

Access to 3rd party advisors 

         Attorneys, insurance, brokers, wholesalers, etc. 

Deal analysis 

Access to physical Masterminds (at cost)